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Career & Technical Schools

Resources for career & technical education planning

Screenshot of the Map of Career & Technical Schools in Florida

Map of Career and Technical Schools in Florida

This pdf has a map marking all of Florida's accredited career & technical Schools with a list of all of these schools organized by county.

Map of FL Career & Technical Schools
Screenshot of the District Postsecondary Institutions page of the Florida Department of Education website

Post-Secondary Institutions - Career & Technical Schools

Interested in a career or technical school education? Check out the full list of COE (Council on Occupational Education) accredited institutions in Florida organized by county.

Career & Technical Schools
Screenshot of the title of the Good Jobs That Pay Without A BA pdf heading

Good Jobs That Pay Without A BA

A Bachelor's Degree isn't the only way to a good job. Check out this great document provided by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce on what good jobs are out there if you don't have a Bachelor's Degree.

Good Jobs That Pay Without A BA
Screenshot of a section of the Where Are The Jobs? pdf.

Where Are the Jobs?

You may have heard Florida has many high paying positions that need to be filled, but do you know what jobs those are? This pdf breaks down what those jobs are, how much education is required, and how much you can expect to earn.

Open the pdf
Screenshot of the College Navigator homepage

College Navigator

The College Navigator is a tool from the National Center for Education Statistics to help prospective college students choose the right college. Visitors can filter by location, programs, degree level, and institution type, and even save and export their search results.

Visit the NCES College Navigator
Screenshot of the College Scorecard web page by the Florida Department of Education

College Scorecard

Find out about college programs, costs, admissions, results, and other helpful information to help you decide which college to attend. Explore different careers and alternative pathways to a career such as apprenticeships.

Check out the College Scorecard